Meet Jerry and Paula


Jerry holds a Doctoral Degree from the University of Tulsa.  He has been an ordained minister since 1987.  Prior to entering the ministry, Jerry was a college mathematics professor and owner of an IT consulting business.  He is a called bible teacher with a passion to present the truth of God’s word in an understandable, applicable way.  He is the author of the book, The Grace of Healing


Paula is a music teacher, soloist, and educator.  She serves as a bible teacher, especially to women’s groups, and ministers in music at conferences and churches.

Jerry and Paula were born-again during a time of marital and family crisis via thewitness of a psychiatrist.  As they began to pray, learn, and apply God’s word, the Lord restored their marriage, saved their children, and increasingly brought wholeness to their lives.  Jerry and Paula entered the ministry after receiving a prophetic word saying, “The Lord is going to send you to other nations and continents to share the love of Christ.”


Since 1981, Jerry and Paula have ministered in the Philippines, Venezuela, Argentina, Israel, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Andorra, Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Uganda, Kenya, Mexico and numerous places in the U.S.A.  Jerry is President of Covenant Messenger Bible Schools which operates nine bible schools in Ghana and three in Nigeria.  They are the founders of two churches.

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