Lord is going to send you to the back alleys of other continents and nations to share the great love of God.


Jerry and Paula Smith were led to salvation by a psychiatrist they contacted during a marital crisis. Within a year after they were born-again, they visited a small country church with some friends.  During the service the guest preacher called them out and told them, “The Lord is going to send you to the back alleys of other continents and nations to share the great love of God.”  They realized that this would not happen soon because they were new believers “caught up” in getting delivered from marriage, family, and financial problems. 


After eight years of prayer, bible study, and service in their local church, the Lord began to bring missionaries across their path.  The Smiths began to help those with whom the Lord connected them.  Typically, their help consisted of prayer, financial support, and personal visits.  Eventually, their missionary friends began to invite them to minister in their countries.  Over a season of time, the Smiths found themselves ministering in the “back alleys of other nations” two or three times a year.  Eventually, Jerry Smith Ministries was incorporated as an official IRS recognized religious organization to facilitate the work of the ministry.    


Since 1987, the Smiths have ministered throughout the central United States and in the Philippines, Venezuela, Israel, Ireland, Scotland, Andorra, Argentina, Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus, Hungary, Ukraine, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Uganda, and Kenya.  Jerry is a called pastor and bible teacher.  In addition to edifying and encouraging the saints in other nations, the Smiths have founded two churches in the U.S. 


After communism collapsed, Jerry and Paula helped a missionary friend in Bulgaria establish eight bible schools.  Through a Romanian pastor, Jerry learned about Covenant Messenger Ministries (CMM).  Jerry and Paula began to support CMM, an evangelistic ministry based in Iowa.  To meet a need for trained pastors, Covenant Messenger Ministries (CMM) launched a bible school in Accra, Ghana.   Jerry was asked to serve as President of Covenant Messenger Bible Schools.  Beginning with one school in 2000, they have grown to thirteen schools in Ghana and Nigeria.  Over eleven hundred students have graduated.  Many of them have established churches in W. Africa.  The Lord is doing exceedingly abundantly through the bible school ministry.


Currently, Jerry Smith Ministries is actively involved in evangelism and Christian education in the U.S., Andorra, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ireland, Scotland, Pakistan, and Israel.  During 2018, Jerry and Paula will be ministering in Ghana, Andorra, Uganda, and Kenya.  While at home, the Smiths lead a weekly bible study in Claremore, OK.  They would be grateful for your participation, prayers, and financial support.

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