Funds received for Financial Support by the following ministries:


Steve and Annette Horning (Andorra/ Argentina),

Alan Ross (Scotland),

Ken and Ann Ashworth (Ireland),

J.D. and Tricia Brown (Overland Missions) – unreached people groups in Asia/Africa,

Rabbi Speero Sheety (Revival in Galilee) – evangelism and ministry to needy in Israel,

Yasha Ministry (Kenya) – rescuing, housing, and educating “street children,”

Christian Women’s Alliance (Oklahoma) – evangelism and making disciples,

Pastor Wasim Anjum and the Good Shepherd Church (Pakistan).

  • In January, we began a new Covenant Messenger Bible School in the Kumasi (Ghana) Federal Prison. About ninety prisoners are enrolled.

  • During 2017 there was an average of two hundred seventy students in attendance at thirteen bible/ministry training schools in Ghana and Nigeria.

  • Since year 2000 over thirteen hundred students have graduated from the Bible Training Schools and we estimate that over six hundred are involved in ministry.

  • Bible school graduates have planted churches and established gospel ministries throughout W. Africa. The Lord has given some of them national prominence.

  • During Jerry’s visit to Ghana this month, among other things, he will conduct five bible school graduation and Ordination services.

  • Pastor Wasim Anjum (Pakistan) translated Jerry’s Grace of Healing book into their language. It will be printed and distributed to church and ministry leaders in the region of Faisalabad, the third-most populous city of 3.2 million.

  • Jerry and Paula traveled to Ghana, West Africa where we led bible school graduations, conducted Ordination services, ministered in churches, and taught seminars for aspiring ministers, as well as engaging in one-on-one ministry and prayer. People were taught the gospel, saved, and restored (spirit, soul, and body).

  • Jerry and Paula led a weekly bible study designed to help believers become more knowledgeable, obedient, fruitful disciples of Jesus. Also, we led a semester course on the New Covenant at the First United Methodist Church.

  • We hosted Alan Ross (Scotland), Boachie Danquah (Ghana), Steve and Annette Horning (Andorra), Ken and Ann Ashworth (Ireland), Tricia Ashworth Brown (Overland Missions) during their visits to Claremore.

  • We and the CWA sponsored seminar/ministry meetings with Alan Ross, the Scottish prophet, and Roger and Donna Miller, the most effective deliverance ministers we’ve encountered.



Approximately 900 people were born-again through the evangelistic activities in Ghana, Nigeria, Andorra, Argentina, Ireland, Pakistan, and the U.S.

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When we say “we did this or that,” it actually means you did it. You did it through your faithful prayers and investment in His Kingdom. You have sown generously and eternal blessings have come to many. Now, you are reaping generously and with blessings. Once again, thank you for your faithful friendship, prayers, and support of the Lord’s work.

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